Something come into my mind when I am about to sleep. Sure tomorrow I'll be late..

Ramai orang berfikiran mengawal marah itu dengan menahan marah, bersabar dan mengelak dari marah.

Its true. Don't under estimate amarah. Either you can't hold it or you'll drown in it. So the easiest way to manage anger is keep it in cage.

Tapi aku ada satu new pre-perspective. Bagaimana mengawal marah itu adalah memperkudakan marah (bukan amarah).

Use the anger but not used by the anger.

As we agreed, you cant learn to ride a wild horse for the first time without a guide from a instructor that have been there..

Kedua duanya betul. Samada memperkudakan marah dan mengurung marah. It's just need to answer one question. Which will you choose?

Self reminder; careful what you choose, if you might regret it. No turning back.

Kalau takut dilambung ombak jangan berumah di tepi pantai.

***nota peribadi

Ok gua nk tido


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