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 Welcome to the end of annoying emails! Sedap bunyi tagline dia.



The Unsubscribe Folder HELP
Welcome to the end of annoying emails!

The OIB Unsubscribe Folder.

This preset OIB folder is one of the most powerful ways to remove your name from email distribution lists!
Whether it’s that extreme knitting newsletter you never signed up for, a recurring mystery email you just can’t seem to get rid of or even if you just decided you no longer want to get the weekly Cheesemaster’s e-letter, your OIB Unsubscribe folder ensures you are removed!

How Does It Work?

When you drag an email into the Unsubscribe folder or simply apply the OIB Unsubscribe label, we notify the sender that you need to be removed from the list. Once you do that, we will route any new email from this sender directly into the OIB Unsubscribe folder, keeping them out of your Inbox and out of your hair.
In the background, we will be working to remove your email address from the offending list. You don’t have to answer any questions, remember any passwords or be asked “Are you sure?”
You may notice an email or two from the sender in the OIB Unsubscribe folder as the process completes but they will usually cease after a couple of days and they will not go into your Inbox.
Remember--You don’t need to do anything else. No need to thank us, it’s what we do!
So email comfortably knowing this folder will take care of removing your address from all those offending distribution lists safely, easily and completely. When you no longer need this email, feel free to delete it!
Tell us what you think! Email us at or ping us at @OtherInbox on Twitter. We’ll leave the servers on for you!


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