Quran-burning event

Gua memang dah kurang minat nak sentuh hal hal macam ni. Tapi pasal gua ni new-comer, memberi refleksi kepada hal-hal macam ni adalah biasa. Poser. Macam tu la.

Hal-hal debat agama dah lama habis rasanya. Tanpa agama pun sudah ada guideline 'hak manusiawi'. Terima kasih kepada tamadun paling hebat sepanjang zaman.

Secara global, gua tak tau apa hal mamat ni beriya sangat dengan event dia tu..

lantak lah..

type kat google title entri ni


irainesan said…
God’s ways are different, every so called destruction may have a constructive effect, and the Quran burning may back fire on the Christians. 99.9% of the Christian fathers, pastors, priests and clerics have never read the Quran. The Quran has a Chapter on MARY the mother of Jesus and the verses are much more beautiful than they are given in the Bible. By burning the Quran they burn the correct version of the Bible itself. The name of Muhammad is mentioned only 4 times in the entire Quran but the name of Jesus Christ is mentioned more than 20 times in the same Quran. The Quran is the only Book that challenges the Christians by asserting that Jesus had been one of the mightiest prophets of God and not GOD'S SON which is the huge blasphemy on God Almighty. God does not need a son. God does not get involved in animal sex act. God if HE wanted could create a million Jesuses or a million Moseses or a million Muhammads. There is going to be a huge awakening among the Christians and the sale of the Quran and conversion to Islam is going to massively increase in the West and Christians will come to understand the folly on their beliefs.

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