interview Ghassan Massoud

The Syrian actor, Ghassan Massoud, played the famous Muslim leader, Salahuddin Al-Ayubi, in the film “Kingdom of Heaven.” Because the film is being shown around the world, Massoud has found himself well-known internationally.


Q: Is it true that the writer of the film is Jewish?
A: I’m not getting into that because the script is realistic and if the writer is Jewish, what he wrote is a script that is objective and fair concerning Salahuddin and Muslims. I did ask if the writer was Jewish and was told that he wasn’t; in any case, the film portrays Salahuddin as a man of dialogue and of peace. I felt that I had greater insight into his character than a Western actor would. I have read a number of Arabic texts which dealt with his personality and character. The bottom line is that if the film had presented the character unfavorably or inaccurately, I would not have accepted the part, no matter how tempting the offer. 




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